Custom Metal Design and Wire Forming Fabrication Services in Oregon

Product quality and customer service come first at J & P Wire.  We offer a full range of wire bending, forming and welding services. We are excited to assist in the process by cooperating in product design, wire product fabrication and finishing, as well as packaging and shipping.  


Wire Product Design:

From design to prototype and production, our design team and production specialists can take your ideas and turn them into a quality custom wire product.  Whether you need an existing product manufactured or modified, we can fill your needs. 

Our design team can work with you to determine the most effective and cost efficient materials and techniques to get your products manufactured.  We will accept most CAD formats, digital drawings and prints, or a sample product to get started. 


Wire Fabrication and Production:

3D Bender and Welder

Our skilled production team and state of the art equipment means a quality product and customer satisfaction.  Our facilities are designed to allow for both small and large quantities of custom orders. 

Consistent quality is assured on our production line with state of the art 3-Dimensional CNC bending and butt-welding capable equipment. We can handle intricate shapes and forms while minimizing tooling and design costs.



While J & P Wire does specialize in steel and wire fabrication, we are well equipped to work with nearly all stocks of metal, depending upon the needs of your project.  




  • Wire gauges .0915 to .375
    • CNC bender .120 to .312 gauge
    • Pneumatic bender .105 to .375 gauge
  • Bar stock of all types and sizes
  • Tubing (square, round, etc.)
  • Plate
  • Sheet
  • Mild steel
  • Cold and hot rolled steel
  • Stainless steel



Choosing the proper finish is a crucial step in realizing your products full functional and aesthetic potential. J & P Wire Products offers a wide variety of custom finishes. Our design team and production specialists can help you choose the right type of coating, plating and color to give your custom product it's perfect finish.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is the finish of the future and it is available to you today. Powder coating is one of the most durable finishes available in the world. High impact resistant, chemically resistant, and excellent UV stability make powder coating an extremely versatile, long lasting finish. Powder coating is also environmentally friendly (no hazardous waste).

If it is made of metal or wire it probably should be powder coated. We can offer a wide range of colors and coating options to our customers.


 Other Finishes

J & P Wire offers several other quality finishes to our customers, such as plating in chrome, nickel, or bright zinc. We also offer passivating and electro polishing for stainless steel products.


Packaging and Shipping: 

We ship all over the world with a variety of carriers.  Depending on the product and quantity, items are either boxed or palletized for safe and secure delivery.


Contact us today to get a quote on your project!


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